SeeTrue Needles
for all Microinjection Applications

Our smart tech solves our customer's problems:

  • High needle-to-needle print repeatability

  • Reduced needle tip clogging

  • Enhanced visibility outside and inside the cell

  • Eliminating cell adherence to the needle's walls

SeeTrue needles impact and advance typical procedures extensively used in biomedical fields. They bridge an important need in microinjection technology and make this widely-used procedure more reliable and easier to perform.


  • Precisely located needle tip inside the cell

  • Reduced clogging and adhesion rate

  • Reproducible results

  • Higher transfection efficacy

  • Increased Efficiency and Reproducibility

  • Pre-calibrated



SeeTrue Technology, LLC wins 2 Awards:

          March, 2020
          NSF's America’s Seed Fund Award for transforming scientific discovery into products and services with commercial and societal impact.

Maryland Industrial Partnerships (MIPS) Phase-I award,
February 2020



"I would like to express my enthusiasm for your project to develop next generation SeeTrue colored micropipette needles for microinjection. As a long time user of such needles for introducing RNA, DNA and protein into developing zebrafish embryos, I can attest to the need for better visibility of the needle tip and reduced clogging to improve efficiency of - and reduce the significant variability in these manipulations. We look forward to seeing your excellent idea implemented!”

Rachel's headshot.jpg

Rachel Brewster

Associate Professor of Biology

University of Maryland, School of Medicine