About Us

SeeTrue Technology is focused on developing a line of microcapillary needles targeting improved precision

and outcomes while incorporating ease of use for the end user.


Microinjection consists of using a clear glass microcapillary needle to manually inject foreign materials (e.g. DNA and RNA) into biological targets such as individual cells, eggs, and an embryos.


This transgenic engineering technique is widely used in mainstream research and medical applications ranging from fertility treatments and genetic diagnoses in humans, to basic and applied animal genetic experimentation. Some of the current applications include: Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) as part of the In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) cycle, generation of transgenic animals and plants, stem cell gene therapy, tissue-engineered organs, therapeutic cloning, and regenerative medicine.


The technique has multiple advantages over other foreign-material-introduction methods including exquisite precision in controlling and quantifying the volume of the injected material. However, the technique requires great practitioner skill, combining physical dexterity with sustained attention to detail. Poor injection technique – either because of human skill level deficiencies or because of design limitations of the needle itself - can result in experimental variability, thus raising concerns about rigor and reproducibility.


SeeTrue Technology is developing microcapillary needles that will overcome many of the disadvantages of the current glass microcapillary needles and improve microinjection techniques and outcomes for

the end user.


Kinneret Rand, Founder and CEO of SeeTrue Technology, joins the entrepreneurial training course of the I-Corps GO at George Washington University (Accelerate DC) as a mentor.


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Kinneret Rand-Yadin
Founder & CEO

A PhD scientist with extensive experience across a diverse range of platforms. Extensive industry experience in product development, assay and systems development, product transfer, and manufacturing with emphasis on process improvement, quality, and productivity, in a GLP and GMP environment.     

Chemical Engineer

A chemical engineering student with a background in biology and chemistry.

Rose has experience working in Tissue/Nerve engineering research, as well as Chemistry laboratories. She hopes to pursue a PhD in Bioengineering.